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Greg Hamerton | fantasy author.

I am a Fantasy author and Extreme Sports writer.

Books in Print
THE RIDDLER'S GIFT (2007) is an epic fantasy novel.
BEYOND THE INVISIBLE (1998) is a metaphysical novel about freedom.
THE FRESH AIR SITE GUIDE (1999-2006) is a guidebook to South Africa (for Paraglider and Hang-glider pilots) in English and German.

I also maintain the fantasy and paragliding sections of this website, where I publish articles, reviews and stories. These have featured in local and international magazines (Go Fly, Getaway, Cross Country, Sports in the Sky) and have have been translated into Spanish, German, Portuguese, Serbian and Japanese. 

The Riddler's Gift - First tale of the Lifesong - by Greg Hamerton Beyond The Invisible - flying from fear to freedom - by Greg Hamerton The Fresh Air Site Guide - paragliding and hanggliding in South Africa - by Greg Hamerton Fresh Air Riders - DVD - a flying adventure - featuring Greg Hamerton and Johan Anderson

Brief Bio
I have been an active paraglider pilot since 1992, and I'm a surfer and outdoor enthusiast. I've been a paragliding instructor since 1994 (SA) and qualified in the UK as well. I have close to 2000 hours and have flown over 100 different wings. I find it essential to get away from the office on the weekends, and I suppose you can't get further away than 2000m above the ground, looking down at a mountain peak.

My primary-school was artistic. We made up stories. We painted things. We acted out Norse Mythology. It was great, and it's probably the reason I'm a writer. I graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1994 (Bachelor of Commerce) but was bored to death by my first accounting job. I worked in the film industry, as a paragliding instructor, and as a photographer. I began writing, and found that I loved it.

I am a dedicated reader of fantasy, and respect the works of Stephen Donaldson, Robin Hobb, Robert Jordan and Terry Pratchett. 

Fantasy fiction on A Spell For EternityOn Writing
Writing is a tricky business. Here are a few articles for writers. 
There's more information on my books and writing in the FANTASY section.

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