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The Riddler's Gift
650 pages
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The Riddler's Gift (Lifesong, #1)

The Riddler's Gift

First Tale of the Lifesong

In a time when the world was ravaged by chaos, one kingdom remains; ordered, isolated, protected. Then Tabitha Serannon awakens an ancient power and the world begins to change.

She is hunted for her talent. The Shadowcasters whisper in her ears as their evil closes around her. Soon the Riddler walks beside her, but is he on her side?

She has a moment to learn the magic before she loses her grasp of the Lifesong, but the path she must follow leads into Darkness; into terror, treachery and desire.

To survive she must give voice to a music that she hardly understands, an enchantment that will echo through all time.



5 star fantasy book rating“When you reach the end of The Riddler’s Gift, you’re left wanting more. Highly, highly recommended.” Fantasy Book Critic

5 star fantasy book rating“There are moments in this novel that are sheer magic … ”

5 star fantasy book rating“Utterly compelling … with a blistering climax.” Terry Grimwood

5 star fantasy book rating “A highly recommended fantasy novel – enormous fun to read and extremely easy to lose yourself within.” Fantasy Book Review


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