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      A Spell for Eternity

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Fantasy fiction and fantasy writing - an insider's view on A Spell For Eternity
Fantasy is Magic  NEW RELEASES

This specialist site for fantasy fiction and fantasy writing is now run over on the dedicated blog on the Greg Hamerton | fantasy author website. 

This site is run by a fantasy author, so you get an insider's view on everything. Use the top navigation to stay within this site or the left navigation for the whole of Eternity Press. If you enjoy fantasy, you may like to join our mailing list so you can get some bonus content and be the first to receive new articles and short stories. 

Why Fantasy? Because there's nothing like it! To feel the world dissolve around you and to see a new world appear, raised from your imagination, well that's just the beginning. It's the ideas that thrill me. Fantasy authors are expected to let their creativity run wild, to explore the far reaches of myth and legend, to work with supernatural or magical forces, or to challenge the established view of reality. Some delve into the deeper aspects of the human psyche. To read great Fantasy is to enter a world of hidden secrets, of great beauty, mystery and danger. We become involved in a struggle on a grand scale.

Fantasy gives us the gift of seeing, being able to experience a world beyond our own develops a powerful imagination. And with imagination, anything is possible!

An exciting new fantasy book - The Riddler's Gift - written for fantasy fansThe Riddler's Gift is set in a time when the world was ravaged by Chaos.

If you enjoy fast-paced action, characters with emotional depth, a wry sense of humour and palm-scorching magic then this will be your kind of book.


Short fantasy stories you can DOWNLOAD

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How to write Fantasy, and other aspects of the Craft.

Delve deeper into the world behind the legends. There's a lot more to Fantasy than meets the eye. It's a real trip. For aspiring writers and fantasy fans who like to understand the 'Making Of' you'll enjoy the section on WRITING FANTASY


More useful than a broken baldric

This is what happens when you leave someone in the dark for too long. A collection of slow thoughts with barbs on. These ideas are sort of like those little worms that crawl into your ears - once they are in your head they are difficult to get out. In the depths of the Glossary you will discover the true essence of many fantasy familiars. 


Top fantasy books - reviews of the latest fantasy titlesA growing collection of  FANTASY BOOK REVIEWS.

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√  Sean Russell
√  Justina Robson
√  Stephen Donaldson