Who is Greg Hamerton? Someone who loves to fly, to dream, and to write. I have been flying since 1992, and have logged over 2000 hours on paragliders, mainly in the thermic conditions of Cape Town, South Africa. I gained my South African instructor's rating in '94, my tandem rating in '95, during which time I managed a busy school. In '97 I gained my British Instructor's rating and taught in the U.K. I competed in the PWC (Paragliding World Cup) in that year, flying in Italy, France, Spain and Slovenia. On returning to Cape Town I ran a school specialising in SIV manoeuvres and tandems, then ran XC courses. I wrote regular articles and glider reviews for Cross Country Magazine, and have flown well over 100 different wings to date. I have been involved in various paragliding video projects like Fresh Air Riders. I have published a novel about flying (Beyond The Invisible) and a popular traveller's-manual for paragliding in South Africa (The Fresh Air Site Guide) which is now in its fifth edition and available in German too.

My wife and I fly an Airwave Scenic tandem whenever the sky looks irresistable.

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