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Paragliding in South Africa

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Paragliding in South Africa :

Associations : SAHPA : The South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, 
ZAP : The Zimbabwe Association of Paragliding

Blogs : Flygirl

Clubs : Overberg Paragliding Club, Glen, Cape Albatross, Cloudbusters, Hawkwind

Dealers (SA) : Wallendair : A reputable dealer offering repairs and glider sales in Cape Town (Swing).
For other brands try Advance, Aerodyne, APCO, GradientWings of Change, Independence, Skywalk, SOL

Hanggliding : (Wilderness), or Free Flying Adventures (Pretoria)

Powered Paragliding : (Cape Town) or (Jo'burg) for a real buzz. Cloudbase, Birdmen and Wallendair also offer powered training.

Tours & SchoolsBirdmen, CloudbaseFlybubbleFly de AarParaglide South Africa,  SA Paragliding Adventures, WallendairWild Sky

Weather for Cape Town : iWeathar Stations, MyWeather Stations, WeatherSA forecast,  SABC, Dr Jack (today), DrJack (tomorrow), WindFinder

Paragliding around the world :

International paragliding sites : MarksParaglidingPages for videos and reviews and news. Pilot Friend is a world aviation portal. The world airsports organisation is the FAI, visit Paragliding World Cup for the latest pro action, DHV German Free-flying and testing organisation, Online Contest for the international xc competition, Jerome Daoust has useful information, Para2000 is a great resource for technical specs, JustAcro is for getting upside-down, Paragliding Tales and Reviews for a comprehensive introduction to paragliding, European Paragliding & Hanggliding info page

International hang-gliding sites : Guide to all things hang-gliding 

Forums : check out ParaglidingForum (worldwide) and the Flycape list (Cape Town), XtremeBigAir has info and forums (USA),

Magazines : Cross Country Magazine is the heart and soul of international paragliding, Skywings is the mouthpiece of the British HG&PG Association, USHPA United States magazine, and the OZreport is a world-famous hang-gliding ezine, Schlechtflieger is a free-spirited German magazine. The Flying Eye is a paragliding ezine

Manufacturers : Advance, Airwave, Apco,  Freex, Gin, Gradient, Independence, Macpara, Nervures, Nova, OzonePerche, Pro-Design, Sol, Supair, Swing, UP, Windtech

Argentina : Condor Paragliding

Australia : Victoria HG&PG Association, Cloudbase PG club (Perth),  Central Coast PG, Sydney Paragliding

Canada : HPAC

Netherlands : Perfect Wind

Nepal : Support the Himalayan Raptor Rescue project, join Scott Mason's amazing Parahawking team, or get into the Himalayas with Sunrise Paragliding 

New Zealand : Nimbus Paragliding in Christchurch, New Zealand HG&PA, Canterbury HG&PG Club, 

Norway : Fridistanse for the latest news,

Taiwan : WingsTaiwan is informative and appealing,

UK : Flybubble online shop and paragliding school, British HG/PG Association BHPA Links

USA : Santa Barbara : Circling HawkFlyAboveAll, San Francisco : Airtime, Bay Area PG Association 

Portugal : great flying holidays in the mountains of central Portugal with Paraglide Portugal

Touring South Africa :

Accomodation : Bulwer, De Aar, Porterville, Wilderness, Wilderness (beach), Pretoria

Holidays : : African drums, drumming and dancing holidays in Africa.

Extreme 3 Adventures - The ultimate extreme sport adventure tour in South Africa

Outventure - GO Play Outside : Adventure group [non-profit adventure club] for guys 25-35 in Gauteng, South Africa. Because boys don't need big money to be man enough to play ...

Sharks : : see the Great White Shark up close in Gansbaai

Information : There's SA Everything and SouthAfrica which are both good directories. : combining a dictionary, an encyclopedia and a web directory. Or you can try the great Adventure Directory. For  adventure travel, wildlife and extreme sports resources, try Wildthings.


Fantasy :

Authors : Stephen Donaldson, Robin Hobb, J.V.Jones, J.R.R.Tolkien, Philip Pullman, Robert Jordan, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman,

Games : World of Warcraft, GuildWarsLord of the Rings

Magazines : Something Wicked, Locus

Societies : British Fantasy Society

Forums : British Fantasy Society

Books :
Fantasy novel The Riddler's Gift by Greg Hamerton
First Tale of the Lifesong, a spellbinding adventure in a time when the world was ravaged by Chaos.

Demon Lord fantasy book by T. C. Southwell
Only a young healer stands between a dark god and the destruction of the Overworld...

Nerine Dorman
Author of incendiary gothic horror novel Kephera Rising